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We specialise in website design (the arty part to make it beautiful), development (the nerdy part to make it do magical things), optimisation (make it easy to find when users do searches), User Experience (UX) (make it pleasant to use) and persuasive web copy writing (to make it convincing and aligned with your business goals). As you may know from previous experience, very few web design agencies can offer all of these essential services in a cost-efficient manner. We also do website domain name registration (give your website a memorable website adress) and hosting (make your site available to the world), in other words we are a one-stop shop for websites!

Our website services range from low-cost static websites and blogs to highly interactive sites with imbedded apps, databases, comments and ratings, product selectors and other interactive tools.

We can design, develop, host and manage a website and a domain name (website address) in a very cost efficient manner. We are clear about the total costs involved, and you only pay when you are completely satisfied with the finished website.

Does my business really need a website? Yes! Every business, regardless how small, needs a website because today's customers use the internet to search for products services, and to compare different options. Although having a website has been important since the late 1990s, it is now even more important because customers use the internet to find and compare products or services, and as a source of detailed information, more than they ever did before. Although a social media page is important to be found and to provide information that customers want, a website is a much more efficient form of digital presence than social media as explained below.

Isn't a Facebook profile enough? No! Many potential customers, including some customers with strong buying power, do not use Facebook to search for products or services, and many do not even have a Facebook page. If you only have a Facebook page, it is difficult to impossible for non-Facebook users to find you. Even if you only target Facebook users, it is often difficult to provide all the information in a convenient format that you customers may desire to make purchase decisions. It is also very difficult to convey a strong brand and differentiate yourself from competition with only a Facebook profile.

What type of website do I need? It depends on your type of business and what you want to achieve with the website. It may be just to make yourself discoverable to people searching for your type of product or service on the internet, to providing basic or detailed information, to develop your brand or customer relationships, to make sales etc. It can range from a very simple static website (like an online brochure) to complex websites with interactive tools such as product selectors, ability to make bookings or sell products and facilitate payment, enable users to log in and store their data, comments or product ratings, etc.

Can I develop my own website for free? Yes you can by using free self-help website development services such Disadvantages of this free option, which are not necessary deal breakers, include:

How will a good website help my business gain more customers and generate more income? Even if you use social media and online advertising, a website is the most important form of digital or online presence. It will make your business much more discoverable to people searching the internet for your type of product or service, and act as a main information and brand building hub where potential customers can find all the information they want to make a purchase decision, and to create a professional and trustworthy impression. A business without a website simply appears less professional and credible, which is important because credibility and trust is very important to today's customers.

How much does getting a website cost in total? It depends on the size and complexity of the website, your willingness to write your own content, the website address (domain name) and hosting. To explain it and to give you a clear answer on how much it will cost in total, answer 5 questions after pressing the button below.

Our prices for outsourced work to American customers (American customers can ignore the detailed cost calculation button below):

Blogs (often part of a website)

A blog is a very simple website where you regularly write and post articles about a topic you know about and your readers are interested in. Although you can have a dedicated blog, it is ideally part of your website, and you regularly publish content that are directly related to your business.

How can a blog help me to gain more customers and increase my income? When you write about your industry, you establish yourself as a credible and knowledgeable expert and you may subtly promote your business. It will also increase your exposure to more potential clients who otherwise may not have know you existed because search engines such as Google may display your advice when people search for information related to your industry. Lastly, a blog will make your website more likely to be found on the internet because search engines love displaying websites with active blogs higher up in search results.

How much does getting a blog cost in total? Our prices start from R 4 800 for a blog that may also include a website. If you just want a simple blog without a website, you can actually develop it quite easily by yourself using free online blogging services like