Website cost calculator

Please answer the following 5 questions to determine what the total cost of your website will be.

How many pages do you want your website to have? It is assumed that 1 page website content is about the same as 1 normal printed A4 page, about 600 words. It can range from 1-4 pages (e.g. just an Intro, Products/Services, About us, and Contact us pages) like a typical very small business website for a base price of R 200, to 5-12 pages like a typical small business website for R 600, 13-40 pages like a typical medium sized business for R 1 800, to 40-120 pages like a typical large business for R 5 400.

Are you willing to write your website’s content (words, descriptions, pictures) by yourself? Most cost efficient is if you write the content yourself and we will provide you with easy-to-follow guidance on how to do it. Or do you want us to write it for you? Price difference: if we have to write the content we charge R 600 to write the content for a 1-4 page website, R 1 800 for a 5-12 page website, R 5 400 for a 13-40 page website and R 16 200 for a 40-120 page website.

Should your website be very simple (static), i.e. the visitor can only read pages and can go from one page to the next? Or do you want a slightly interactive (dynamic) website where visitors can fill in very simple forms with information that can be emailed to you, simple product selectors etc. for R 900 extra? Or do you want a highly interactive website with complex functionality such as the ability to make bookings or payments, complex product selectors, store visitor information etc. for R 2 500 extra?

Should we host your website (make it physically available on the internet for visitors to see), or do you want us to only develop your website so that you can host it wherever you like? Price difference: If you like us to host it, which is the easiest option, hosting a simple website with 12 or less pages cost R 100 per year. Hosting for midsize or fairly complex websites cost R 300 per year. Hosting large or complex websites cost R 1 500 per year. If you will host it yourself we don’t charge anything to release the website to you.

Let's pretend your business name is “Brilliant Accounting”. Will you be happy with a website address with an extra part such as “.webdevelo” attached to it (ideal for very small cash-strapped businesses because it cost only R 40 per year), so that your website address will be something like, or do you prefer a website address without that extension, e.g. It is better to have it without the extension because it looks more professional, customers find it easier to remember, and search engines may push your business higher up in search results, but it will cost you about R400 per year.

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