Digital business models, e-commerce and online marketing strategies

We help small businesses to adapt to the new economy and socially connected consumers. Small businesses must adapt because their competitors do, and new consumers expect to search for and receive at least some services from their digital devices. If you are not strong online, your position in the marketplace are likely to deteriorate.

We can help you to make use of business and marketing opportunities in the new digital economy by developing an e-business strategy, including the adoption of profitable digital business models, e-commerce and/or digital marketing strategies.

Our digital marketing services include social media marketing and online advertising. We can assist you with the design and development of online and social media advertisements and digital marketing campaigns.

Digital business strategies can be expensive and complex, and many models are mainly applicable to larger business or businesses in highly developed countries, therefore we specialize in digital strategies that are applicable to small businesses in your particular local context.

Our assistance can range from a quick consultation (like a visit to a doctor, just to diagnose problems and identify opportunities for improvement, with some pointers to get started) to formal, comprehensive e-business strategies.

To develop practical and efficient digital business and online marketing strategies for small businesses that operate in specific regions of the country, it is important to understand the digital business climate in those areas. Click HERE for a high-level overview of the digital cultures in our areas of operation.

User Experience (UX) research and design

We design all our digital products to provide a pleasant user experience. Users of your website, app, social media, software and other forms of digital presence should be able to easily find it in the overcrowded digital world. It should intuitive to navigate through and use, easy to understand and should be able to persuade your users to do whatever it is intended to do like calling or buying from you. We can also assist you to do user experience research to measure how user friendly and efficient your digital interfaces are, and how to improve it, because today's users do not hesitate to switch to a competitor if their user experience isn't fluent or pleasant.