App and software development

Mobile app development

We design and develop mobile Apps for Android (most phones and tablets run on this), iOS (for iPad & iPhone) and Windows devices. Our services include User Experience (UX) research to make certain that the app is easy to use and really useful to your customers.

An "App" or mobile application is a small software program with an easy-to-use graphical user interface displayed on the face of a mobile phone or tablet. These apps can be downloaded from the Play Store in case of devices running on the Android operating system, or App Store in case of The iPhone or iPad which run on the iOS operating system. There are numerous other operating systems as well, but small businesses in South Africa generally should start with an app that are compatible or developed for these two operating systems.

Does your business need an app and how much will it cost? Only a small number of small businesses really needs an app. Apps are mainly needed if you provide customers with a near continuous stream of data or regular notifications like status updates or regular promotions, and is essential if you wish to make use of the user' device hardware such as the camera and storage. It is also handy of users very often go to your website, at least a few times per week. It can also be handy if you provide some solution or entertainment to customers that can be accessed directly without the need to go to the website first. Events can also benefit from a temporary app. We charge R 1 100 (or $90 to American customers) to develop a basic hybrid App. It can be more if it entails the development of specialized content or complex logic like a true software solution. We only develop hybrid apps, i.e. apps that can be used on Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems, developed from a single code base (we use Apache Cordova technology). However, if you require high performance, super fast apps with complex functionality it is better to develop native rather than hybrid apps. Native apps are apps developed specifically for a particular platform, i.e. programmed in Java (not JavaScript) for Android, Swift (or older Objective C) for iOS devices and C# for Window devices. These are specialist skills which we do not have in-house at present but we can in-source the required specialists on a project-by-project basis. Click HERE or on the button below to see what type of App you are likely to need.

Software and widget development

We have lots of experience developing widgets (small programs embedded into websites that provide some useful function e.g. product selectors, problem solvers etc.), which can be a great way to engage with, persuade or provide answers to customers on your website. Even if you already have a website or wish to stay with your original or in-house web developers we can develop these widgets separately for you and place it into your existing website. Click HERE to see an example of a widget on this website.

We can develop software accessible from the internet, solutions to problems, or automation of your calculations or thinking patterns to make your job easier and faster. Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss how we can help you to make your business more efficient with custom made software, even if it is just small programs for simple tasks. It can be as simple as Excel macros, widgets (small software or apps embedded in your website that perform some very specific function) or interactive tools on your website.