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Outsource your app or web development to South Africa for a fraction of the cost

Webdevelo.com now serves small and medium-sized American businesses. Outsource your app and web development work to South Afrcia and attain cost savings of about 80 percent while retaining quality at the same or even better level.

Our prices for outsourced work to American customers:

Get your business listed in online directories

List your business on as many online directories as possible ...read more

Why MUST your website be mobile friendly?

These days customers use phones and tablets rather than larger screen devices, and if they have to scroll horizontally or zoom in they will rather just move on to a competitor ...read more

Protect customer data and let them know that you will

Website and app users want to see your privacy policy ...read more

When a potential customer make an inquiry, reply IMMEDIATELY

Customers are increasingly impatient while competitors are increasingly willing to react immediately ...read more

Get to know your website visitors

...and they will want to get to know your business ...read more

Does people touch or test drive your products but then go buy it online from someone else?

Welcome to the new reality of multichannel shopping behavior. If you understand it you can manage it ...read more

Frequent small VS few large changes to a website or App - what is best for your business and your customers?

If practical, rather go for frequent small changes ...read more

Simple VS interactive website, which one is best for my business?

It depends on 2 main factors: the complexity of your product/service and associated customer decision making processes, and your budget ...read more

Online adverts work even if not clicked

Because of increasing competition in the digital space, it is becoming increasingly important for small businesses to enhance the marketing power of traditional media (newspapers, radio etc.), websites and social media org with paid online advertising. A common concern is that you place online advertisements but only a few or no people clicks on it. However, even if a user does not click on an advert, it does work ...read more

SPECIAL: Experimental websites for free to small and medium-sized businesses in North West and Free State provinces

We are working on a new content management system similar to Wordpress and "Facebook for businesses". As part of our experimental phase we offer free websites to small and medium sized businesses in the Free State and North West provinces which they can edit themselves through a very simple user interface. No strings attached or hidden costs, however, the website will not be permanent and only a reasonable number of businesses will be assisted (about the first 20 that applies). The website will have advanced features like a blog, contact form and customer rating and review system - all for free! It is a good opportunity for businesses without a website to experiment themselves with the advantages of having a website.

Free State small town businesses' online presence amongst the poorest in the country

Businesses in small town Freestate are falling rapidly behind in recent years ...read more

Stimulating the Rustenburg economy and your small business income with a website designed to attract income from outside

Many small businesses in Rustenburg have the potential to attract tourists in the region or to sell to customers in nearby towns and cities with much stronger economies, thereby attracting additional income from outside. A website can be the most appropriate tool to attract the attention of such outsiders ...read more

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We specialise in assisting small businesses in the United States and South Africa to adapt to and thrive in the new digital economy and socially connected world with the following services:

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